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Sandra Sez-Sanspec Collection

  • "Valentine's Day: Celebrating God's Unconditional Love for the World"

    The most thoughtful gift one can give is the gift of education and understanding. Education about different cultures, races, and backgrounds can help to break down barriers and dispel misconceptions that lead to racism and hatred. Encourage your loved ones to learn more about the history and experiences of marginalized communities, and to actively work towards equality and understanding.
  • Let's Get Together with Plastic Canvas, yeah! Part 1

    Greetings to all. It's an absolute pleasure for me to be a plastic canvas contributor for Sanspec Collection. In 1985, a co-worker introduced me to...
  • Achieve High Grades

    Smart Think! Invest in your child future. A better Life awaits.
  • Crafty Old-Fashioned Christmas Fun

    It's sometimes best to keep things simple. Enjoy some fun holiday crafts with your family to have an old-fashioned Christmas. You'll love these fi...
  • How to Fix Your Credit Report in 3 Easy Steps

       Often, people feel as if they have no choice but to either wait for their credit to improve on its own or seek professional help. But is it poss...
  • Getting Your Credit Back on Track

    Getting Your Credit Back on Track  When doing a credit restoration, what are the first steps you should take? You can actually raise your credit s...
  • Debt Management Part 3

    Budgeting and planning are crucial to getting your debt under control. Saving for emergencies is also essential. You can permanently save money an...
  • Debt Management Part 2

    If you want to journal to help work through a problem, keeping specific journals for different things is an effective way to go about it. It’s also a great way to store your thoughts and memories for the future in a more organized and useful manner.

  • Debt management made easy

    You can sometimes feel overwhelmed when managing your debt, regardless of how much or how little you owe. Like most people, you get paid once or twice a month and have bills that come weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly you must pay. 
  • A New Lifestyle

     COVID-19’s many restrictions lifted. Chill, grill, and get outside. Conjure up images of fireworks, hot dogs, and t-shirts. Give yourself Summer G...
  • Sanspec Collection Sez Add This to Your Recipe Collection

    JUSTSCRAPIN Crafty Corner is our special contributor this month's. Have a wonderful day filled with love and happiness.   Mama's Recipe fo...
  • Honor Our Fathers

    Happy Father’s Day, To all the fathers or father figures that showed their love for you.

    For My Father Figure

    Who was Granddad?

     As a toddler, he was daddy, a man who was tall as a tree and as stern. When I was wrong, someone to fear but showed loved when good. Read More.