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Sandra Sez-Sanspec Collection

  • Voices of Power: Overview of Black Political Trailblazers

    Dive into the powerful narratives of Black Political Trailblazers in our latest blog post, 'Voices of Power.' Explore their impactful legacy, resilience, and enduring lessons for today's leaders. Join the conversation on leadership and empowerment. Read more on our blog
  • Labor Day: The Grand Finale of BBQ Season

    Happy Labor Day, my fellow BBQ enthusiasts! Labor Day: the cherished last hurrah of summer, beckoning us to gather around the grill for one final s...
  • Christmas in July

    "Crafting Christmas in July: Unleashing the Magic with Festive Delights!" Are you ready to feel the Christmas spirit in July? Try some fun craftin...
  • Unveiling the Secrets Behind Glory Wade's Diamond-Studded Novels: An Exclusive Interview

    Discover the secrets behind Glory Wade's mesmerizing novels. Glory Wade is a writer of novels and short stories, currently working on the sequel to...
  • Upcycling for Earth Day: How to Turn Cereal Boxes into Stylish Wall Art

    Easy DIY Projects to Celebrate Earth Day Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today, we celebrate the beauty and wonder of our planet, and also reflect on ho...
  • Jabez Prayer Digital Art

      Blessings and Protection: Jabez Prayer Digital Art The Jabez Prayer is a powerful and popular prayer among Christians. It asks God for blessings,...
  • "Autism Awareness: Celebrating Differences and Embracing Uniqueness"

     Autism: Beyond the Stereotypes and Misconceptions" Autism is a condition that affects how people communicate and interact with others. It can mak...
  • Hopping Around the Globe: Easter Traditions You Won't Believe Exist

    Explore bizarre Easter traditions worldwide
  • Crafting a Successful Future: The Benefits of Starting a Craft Business After 60.

    Crafting is more than just a hobby – it's a way of life that can bring joy, fulfillment, and even financial success. Starting a craft business may seem daunting, but the benefits are endless.











  • The Emoji Bridge: Promoting Healing and Reconciliation Among Racial and Ethnic Communities

    This blog post fosters healing and reconciliation between communities of color. We showed how emojis could convey emotions and messages in an easy-to-understand way.

  • A Legacy of Power: Honoring the Contributions of Black Female Activists

    Honoring Black Female Activist In History.

  • "Valentine's Day: Celebrating God's Unconditional Love for the World"

    The most thoughtful gift one can give is the gift of education and understanding. Education about different cultures, races, and backgrounds can help to break down barriers and dispel misconceptions that lead to racism and hatred. Encourage your loved ones to learn more about the history and experiences of marginalized communities, and to actively work towards equality and understanding.