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A New Lifestyle

 COVID-19’s many restrictions lifted.

Chill, grill, and get outside. Conjure up images of fireworks, hot dogs, and t-shirts.

Give yourself Summer Goals.

Upon rising from sleep, intake an 8 oz glass of water with a teaspoon of lemon juice. This drink will help cleanse your liver. A minimal glasses of water should be 64 ounces.

To break the fast, you eat a small breakfast. With each meal, have protein, fruit, and vegetable. To make you feel great.

Plan your meals, snacks, and exercise. You can follow the standard meal plan of breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, snack, maybe, your in lifestyle you prefer six small meals a day.

On the road, eating fast food can be difficult but not impossible. Calorie intake is must be your guideline. For women average calorie is 2000; to maintain your weight, reduce your amount by 500 calories a day. The average calorie for men maintenance is 2500 trim in down 500 calories a day. On average, you will lose a pound in a week and you must increase your exercise.

Keep in mind fast food contains high levels of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat and not recommended for hypertension, high blood pressure, or diabetes. See next month’s article on losing weight with a fast-food diet.

Don’t give up the picnic or outdoor barbecue. Take this time to play outdoor games and have an enjoyable meal. Family times make it easy to include various activities you can do to help you towards your weight loss goals.

In the comments below, leave some of your favorite grilling meal or favorite outdoor games.

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  • Thanks for the concern

    Uniece jones
  • Still trying to drink 64oz of water in a day ….. My body doesn’t want that much. Low liquid intake daily.

    Vivian H FORD
  • Favorite grilling meat is steaks . Hotlinks!

    Jonelle Vaughan

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