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Getting Your Credit Back on Track

Getting Your Credit Back on Track 

When doing a credit restoration, what are the first steps you should take? You can actually raise your credit score quite easily. It's just a matter of knowing what to do.

The solutions are probably obvious to you, but most people expect there to be some top-secret tips that they don't know about. You can do the following:

New credit can be obtained

There is nothing complicated about this, but it is extremely effective. People with bad credit are often unable to get a credit card, since their privileges have been taken away.

Some never apply for one again because they want to avoid going back into debt. In reality, if you plan to apply for a loan or credit in the future, it's important to start rebuilding your credit score. 

In the past, have you been rejected from credit card companies? Don't give up.

Getting a secured credit card is one option. You should ask your local bank for one, preferably the one with which you do business. That way, you are more likely to be accepted. Choose cards that cater to people with bad credit. An example, the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card is for people planning their financial future and it's never been easier to establish credit.

Don’t go overboard and apply too many at once

Financial companies will be less likely to work with you if you get too many credit inquiries, as they will assume you are taking on more debt. This can negatively impact your credit score as well.

See Clearly Now

You don't have to use a card just because it was approved. There are some that will cause more harm than good. 

As an example, many have extremely expensive late fees hidden in their rates. This is especially true for those with bad credit. In the event that you fail to make all of your payments, you will soon find yourself up deeply in debt again.

Are prepaid cards a good idea?

It is not recommended that you use them. Credit scores are not affected by them. You are simply paying them off upfront, so there is no chance of default.

Avoid late fees by paying your bills on time. There’s no point in getting a new card if you are just going to continue making late payments.  

How do you cope if you can't pay on time?

Do not go over your budget; just spend what you have. Who knows, you may have more money than you realize. Would that new tool set really be useful? Does that subscription to the magazine make sense? You should seek to reduce the amount of debt you owe by cutting back and budgeting whenever possible.

Can you rebuild your credit in a short amount of time?

You have to take into account your specific circumstances. Your credit score didn't get bad overnight, and it won't improve on its own that fast.

Ensure your payments are on time every month, and eventually your small efforts will add up. Keeping your bills paid on time will make a big difference.


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  • I don’t have bad credit I just don’t have a good credit score. A senior at my church been talking to me for the last couple of days about establishing credit and I haven’t made the move yet, because I didn’t know who to get it from and how much money they would offer me, now I know to start with my bank from the reading Getting Your Credit Score Back On Track. I wish the Budget book had a lock on it. I wouldn’t want someone finding it and knowing my business. Thanks for the heads up. Love you ❤️💯%

    Lavinia Gilmore

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