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The Greatest Gift Ever Was MOM


 Greatest Gift

Moms are the greatest gift, and my mother was no exception. Giving little thought, she continued to show her unconditional love. The required effort of this outpouring deep devotion could exhaust and totally drain her and yet just like the old Timex watch she kept on giving.


Highest of Human Love

My actions, rather they were good, or bad, nothing could ever destroy that love. Her patience and forgiveness, when others turned their back on me, allowed her to believe in me more. With God on her side, her actions taught me that a mother’s love is the highest form of human love.

A Time to Remember

Mother’s Day is a great time to remember your mother. However, why wait? You do not need Mother’s Day to do something special for your mom, demonstrate your love with a scrapbook page. It can be a real boost to the spirits like a Starbuck’s passion tea and crumb cake.

Start with an 81/2" x 11" paper for each page. The basic supplies are scissors, adhesive, black pen and your favorite picture. Create a title for your page. The easiest and fastest way to create more pages is to purchase layout pages.

Posterity Lives On

Quarantine time allows much creative, pent-up energy to be released into the art of scrapbooking. Capture the entire special event into a bound book or album and save them for posterity.



  • Marvelous work. Your talents and skills will pay off.

    Judy King
  • You truly have an amazing talent that you were blessed with. You are truly letting your light shine through your gifts and talents of creativity, writing and crafting just to name a few. You have more talents that you might not find time for but continue utilizing what you have shown this far . Keep up your eloquent work.
    Judy King your favorite friend.😀

    Judy King
  • Very inspiring! Best gifts are gifts from the heart. Nice

    Jonelle Vaughan
  • I so do truly love your ideas of being so talented in so many different things.,

    Kay D
  • I really like the idea a very easy way to honor love ones

    Troy Vaughan

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