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Honor Our Fathers

 Happy Father’s Day, to all the fathers or father figures that showed their love for you.

This Father’s Day, don’t just give ties or cologne; add a moment of tribute.

Along with Mother’s Day, Father’s day is a time to treasure one of the two most influential people in all our lives.

A glorious tradition to honor our father, on Father’s Day, is to wear a red rose if he is living or wear a white rose if he has passed away. Reach for your phone and call, not text him and say, “I love you.” Light a candle for the fathers that passed away.

My father, neither an anchor, held his children back nor a sail that took us there, but a guiding light whose love showed us the way.

For My Father Figure

Who was Granddad?

 As a toddler, he was daddy, a man who was tall as a tree and as stern. When I was wrong, someone to fear but showed loved when good.

 As an adolescent, he was a teacher. The wisest man in the world, everything I wanted to know he could furnish the answer. In sickness, he was a miracle worker. A cure for an itch on the back to craving in the heart, this man eased any pain.

 As a young adult, he was my protector. He was screening the beaus choosing my life dreams, hearing my cries and anger, and accepting my alibis.

 As a woman, he was a man. I could respect,, and understand and know that he would receive and return the same. He gave me away in marriage, but he’s there when I would regress to toddler or adolescent.

 As a granddaughter, he was a granddad. A man who left memories of happiness because he made it possible to see a lot of joy and very little sadness as a grandfather.

 Sandra Vaughan, First-born Grandchild


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