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Hopping Around the Globe: Easter Traditions You Won't Believe Exist

Unbelievable Customs and Celebrations"?


As Easter approaches, did you know that there are a ton of Easter traditions from all over the world, aside from the Easter Bunny and egg hunts? That's right, folks, Easter is a big deal in many countries and cultures, and they each have their unique way of celebrating the holiday.


Those down under in Australia uniquely celebrate Easter. On Good Friday, Aussies eat hot cross buns, egg hunts, and chocolate bunnies. Symbolizing Jesus' crucifixion, these spiced buns have a cross on top.


Norway, however, has a tradition of reading crime novels during Easter. Yes, you heard that right - crime novels. The tradition began in the 1920s when a publisher realized crime novels sold better during Easter. As a result, Norwegians tune in to crime dramas on TV and radio during the holiday.


Greece celebrates Easter like no other country. On the island of Chios, locals take part in a rocket war. Yes, you read that correctly. Two rival churches shoot fireworks at each other, aiming to hit the other church's bell tower. It's a wild and dangerous tradition, but it's been going on for centuries!


Moving on to Poland, where they celebrate Easter with the time-honored tradition of creating elaborate and intricate Easter eggs. They decorated Pisanki eggs with intricate patterns and designs using wax and dyes. Despite the detailed process, the results are spectacular.


Finally, let's talk about Bermuda. As a symbol of Christ's ascension, Bermudans fly kites on Good Friday. Besides being huge, these kites come in various shapes and sizes, reaching up to 10 feet.

While some may seem bizarre

Among the many Easter traditions worldwide. While some may seem bizarre, they all hold a special meaning and significance for those who celebrate them. Why not add a new practice to your Easter celebration this year? Who knows, you might discover a recent favorite Easter activity!

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