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Quarantine Lifestyle

Quarantine Lifestyle

Looking back on 2020, what moments will you remember? Many adjustments we made created the Quarantine Lifestyle.

Working from home

Working from home became the new workplace. While we adapted quickly to changing circumstances, our workspace added extra discipline and consideration. One consideration was the work environment. Our home décor needed a unique look for the remote conferences.


Homeschooling grew because COVID-19 closed roughly half of the public schools. Remote learning allowed some students to explore hobbies and interests, such as opportunities found in books.

COVID-19 pandemic 

Another way the COVID-19 pandemic affected us, it increased our worries and concerns about our health. We took some simple steps to help slow the spread of coronavirus disease and protect ourselves, our families, and our communities.

The steps are:

1. Wash our hands often with plain soap, water, and hand sanitizers.
2. Cover our mouth and nose with a cloth face covering or non-surgical mask when around others.
3. Avoid crowds and practice social distancing (stay at least 6 feet apart from others).

Quarantine Lifestyle reshaped our relationships in unprecedented ways, forcing us to live closer together with some people and further apart from others. It limited the social gathering to video communication, such as Zoom.

Looking back over our life in 2020, blessed is the memory embedded in the recent changes in our lives and let 2021 create a new and better lifestyle.



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  • This definitely sums up 2020 lol it was a roller coaster. I’m Grateful for all the changes and looking forward to the rest of 2021. Hopeful.


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