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Unveiling the Secrets Behind Glory Wade's Diamond-Studded Novels: An Exclusive Interview

Discover the secrets behind Glory Wade's mesmerizing novels.

Glory Wade is a writer of novels and short stories, currently working on the sequel to her first book. When asked what inspired her to become a writer, she said her mother taught her to read before she started kindergarten. Besides reading voraciously, Glory enjoyed writing as well. In elementary school, her teacher wanted to enter her creation into something, but her family moved shortly after that, and she doesn't know what happened with her story. She returned to creative writing in adulthood after her social life slowed down.

Her latest book, Diamonds of Fury (book one of the Dead Husbands Never Looked So Good trilogy), chronicles the beginnings of a female serial killer. It follows Lila, a backseat beer baby, through her first marriage to the creation of the red diamonds "donated" by her husband after his untimely death. Glory is currently editing Diamonds of Scorn, which follows Lila through her second marriage on her deadly quest for wealth and more unique diamonds for her collection.

Glory creates her characters by combining different facets of people she has seen, known, or heard about, and some are just plain totally made up by her twisted little brain. Her story ideas stem from what she sees around her and articles in the news, such as Diamonds of Fury, which started out as a short story inspired by a jewelry magazine article regarding diamonds created from cremated remains.

The most challenging aspect of writing for Glory is procrastination and making time for writing. She prioritizes her to-do list and acts accordingly to balance her writing with other parts of her life. When asked for advice for aspiring writers, she recommends getting ideas down in black and white, joining writing groups, taking part in critique groups, reading (especially books about writing and of your genre), and buying the Thesaurus series of books by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi.

A memorable moment in Glory's writing career was when her novel went live on Amazon and when she finished a book during NaNoWriMo, writing 50,550 words in 27 days. Glory admits that she is not arrogant enough to think hers is unique when asked what sets her writing apart from others in her genre. However, she always asks herself, "What if" and "How can I twist this to surprise the readers." In her published short story "Justice is Served,” she came up with a less cliché idea compatible with the writing prompt.

To stay motivated to write, especially during writer's block, Glory brainstorms with close fellow authors, consults the appropriate thesaurus by Ackerman and Puglisi or  sits on her patio with a cup of hot tea and focuses on the next part of her novel or story. She also reads notes she made about her work-in-progress and, sometimes, edits another story she has written. Before she goes to sleep, she thinks about the problem section for her subconscious to work on it overnight, and she often wakes up with good ideas.

When Glory is not writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, making cards, hanging out with her friends and her long-haired dachshund, reading, and going to garage sales.

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