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I Like to Read, Read, Read

My grandmother was a superb storyteller. She gathered my siblings and me at night to tell us stories that she created or the old classics such as Jane Eyre. Captivated by her narration of the various levels at four, she gave me a Little Golden Book called Bedtime Stories. I would take the book and read it to my grandfather. He only completed the eighth grade; therefore, he continued his education through my school experiences. Reading the newspaper together expounded our minds on current events.



Advance in reading, writing, and arithmetic through the many books given to me, I entered Kindergarten above the grade requirement.



Over the years, I read to escape from boredom, later, curiosity (the forbidden books, like Peyton Place), and now, just for the joy of it. My addiction to reading has caused delays in grocery stores reading labels on boxes at checkout.



Because of the COVID-19, to date, I have read 105 books both for pleasure and self-improvement. I am sure there’s a genre for you. Those who appreciate fine wine will enjoy reading the restaurant’s wine list. You can spend more evenings in your den reading and relaxing. Primary education might take place in your home with a healthy activities book.



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I like to read; therefore, jump on the reading train with me.



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