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It's New Dawn and We Need to Feel Good About Ourselves.

January 1, 2022, marks the beginning of a new year full of excitement and inspiration. 

Saying goodbye to yesterday is not so difficult. Raise your glass and shout Happy New Year. 

2022 will hopefully usher in a time of peace and tranquility as an alternative to the turbulence of the previous year. Our gratitude should be endless for surviving to see Baby New Year arrive and Old Man New Year move on.

 New Year’s Resolution

Everyone and their moms make New Year's Resolutions, but 80% will fail by February 28, 2022. We can change an age-old tradition. We could not walk when we were born, but now we can run.

To overcome the "can't do it" obstacle, start with high hopes and add persistence. 

Keep a journal. By keeping a journal, you will force yourself to reflect on your goals, think critically about how and why, and examine the situation from every angle. CLICK HERE

Eliminate stress and help you financially, put your bill on auto-pay. It helps build your credit score, avoid late fees, and save you money. 

It's time to make that dreaded exercise resolution. No time to go to the gym? No problem. Home gyms are a perfect alternative for those who work from home. Every three hours, take a five-minute break and walk around your house. Those who can go outside three times a week should walk for fifteen minutes. Plastic water bottles filled with sand make excellent dumbbells. YouTube offers fantastic workouts. My favorite is GET FUNKY by the Learning Station 

Choose a healthy lifestyle.

Why do some of us ride the diet roller coaster? We make losing weight a job and not a positive life experience. Planning your menu is an excellent recession buster. It allows you to buy only the food you need and keeps what you don’t need out of your kitchen, saving money. Customizing your menu makes it easy for you to follow. Plan a menu to bring out your culinary skills—no need to throw away your favorite recipes. Just substitute non-fat or 1% milk for whole milk, brown rice for white rice, egg-free or wheat pasta for regular pasta, veggie patty for sausage patty, and choose low sodium luncheon meat; I like Healthy Choice. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

My “Traditional” New Year's Day supper.

The menu includes spinach, black-eyed peas, cornbread, sweet potatoes, and peach cobbler. No finger-pointing. I cooked for a diabetic. Everyone gets to enjoy a healthier southern meal. What is your New year's Day Menu? Enter it in the comment below. 


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