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  • 8 Turkey-Buying Tips for Thanksgiving

    A Day Of Thanks Thanksgiving turkey is likely to make up one of the most important purchases you make this year. On a Thanksgiving dinner table, th...
  • Sandra Sez Thanksgiving Holidays Quick Tips

    It doesn't take a lot of time to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. Transform your home with easy and fast decor items. 

    Sandra Sez look at some suggestions that will help you choose the perfect centerpiece for your space.

  • Achieving Good Deals with Suppliers

    The Persuasion Don't Mean Manipulation. The purpose of persuasion is to articulate the benefits and logic of an idea in order to gain acceptance. P...
  • Sandra Sez: Ideas for an Enjoyable Halloween

    Things to Do on Halloween for Adults Halloween is not just for kids, and it can be just as fun for adults. If you’re planning on having a more adul...
  • The Last Official Holiday For the Barbeque Grill.

    Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States. It’s the last official summer weekend, after all! As we fire up the grill, here is a bit of hi...
  • 7 E-Friendly Finance Tips for Low-Income Earners

    Low-Income Earners  Low-income individuals who think they cannot contribute to the environment are wrong. If you act responsibly, you could reduce...
  • Time Saving Ideas for Thanksgiving

    When planning Thanksgiving, did you know that technology can save you time? It is so much easier to prepare everything you need with the various tools and apps out there.

     Sandra Sez will look at some ways you can use technology to save time when preparing for Thanksgiving.

  • The Greatest Gift Ever Was MOM

    Moms are the greatest gift, and my mother was no exception. Giving little thought, she continued to show her unconditional love. The required effort of this outpouring deep devotion could exhaust and totally drain her and yet just like the old Timex watch she kept on giving.
  • Quarantine Lifestyle

    Quarantine doesn't have to be boring. Take advantage of Sanspec Collection "Living the Quarantine Lifestyle" card kit
  • What is the purpose of a greeting card?

    Keep in touch during the quarantine

    The purpose of a greeting card is to express your inner emotions. It also keep you connected to the people you care about.