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Sandra Sez-Sanspec Collection

  • I Like to Read, Read, Read

    My grandmother was a superb storyteller. She gathered my siblings and I at night to tell us stories that she created or the old classic such as Jane Eyre. Captivated by her narration of the various stories at four, she gave me a Little Golden Book called Bedtime Stories. I would take the book and read it to my grandfather. He only completed the eight grade, therefore, he continued his education through my school experiences. Reading the newspaper together, expounded our mind on current events.
  • Have a mind growing experience

    Whether you’re looking for entertainment, expert resources on managing stress, healthy activities for your children, or just a way to escape mentally, we have a few books to help you get started. 
  • Chinese New Year 2022

    Tiger is the Chinese's New Year's Animal for 2022 This year's Chinese New Year will occur on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022, culminating in the Lanter...
  • It's New Dawn and We Need to Feel Good About Ourselves.

    Saying goodbye to yesterday is not so difficult. Raise your glass and shout Happy New Year. 

    2022 will hopefully usher in a time of peace and tranquility as an alternative to the turbulence of the previous year. Our gratitude should be endless for surviving to see Baby New Year arrive and Old Man New Year move on.

  • Making New Family Traditions

    In the wake of COVID-19, some of our family traditions have changed.  Gathering as a family around Christmas is a beautiful experience. Especially ...

      The first recorded use of 'Merry Christmas' was in a Christmas letter sent in 1534.  A 19th-century American Christmas card. A fun ritual of Ch...
  • Baby Jesus received some beautiful gifts when he was born.

    What are the reasons for observing some Christmas traditions?  In the sky at the time of Jesus' birth, a bright star shone. Because of following th...
  • High Hopes This Thanksgiving

    Faith Will See You Through. A sudden change in your life occurs. When you feel discouraged, and everything seems lost, Count all the blessings you ...
  • 8 Turkey-Buying Tips for Thanksgiving

    A Day Of Thanks Thanksgiving turkey is likely to make up one of the most important purchases you make this year. On a Thanksgiving dinner table, th...
  • Sandra Sez Thanksgiving Holidays Quick Tips

    It doesn't take a lot of time to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. Transform your home with easy and fast decor items. 

    Sandra Sez look at some suggestions that will help you choose the perfect centerpiece for your space.

  • Achieving Good Deals with Suppliers

    The Persuasion Don't Mean Manipulation. The purpose of persuasion is to articulate the benefits and logic of an idea in order to gain acceptance. P...
  • Sandra Sez: Ideas for an Enjoyable Halloween

    Things to Do on Halloween for Adults Halloween is not just for kids, and it can be just as fun for adults. If you’re planning on having a more adul...